Function of Gods grace

God is always Sufficient

Nigeria amalgamated in the year 1914 from the northern and southern protectorate was well known and made popular among other nations of Africa for it agricultural production. A lean in the history of commerce in Nigeria include an understanding that several Nigeria farmers and community were firstly engaged in subsistence production, This means that they produced goods mainly for themselves and their family. As time goes by following the business trend through the Tran Sahara trade and exportation by the royal Nigerian company. Nigeria was infused into the map of global market economy this is the evidence in records when the missionaries came to Africa and the Europeans traders bought in weapons, books, wine and cloth in exchange for slaves and palm oil the important trading route to the sea then were Badagry, bonny, opobo and calabar.

However following the obolition of slave trade by the british government 1st break through commercial activity in nigeria was established of U.A.C and Royal Niger company with the introduction of colonial rule in Nigeria law and order was instituted. In guide both government and commercial practices and by 1960 Nigeria has becoming the force in exportation of palm oil, cocoa, groundnut, cotton wool, rubber, timber coal, crude oil etc.

Worthy of notice however, is the point that during the early 60’s the exploration of crude oil brought from world over to Nigeria huge revenue according from the exportation of crude oil assist Nigeria nation in infrastructural development and expansion.